February 27, 2018

Kuih Talam, Bingka, Nona Manis & Apam Solo Seremban

Aswt n Hi all!

Hari-hari busy menyiapkan tempahan daripada beloved customers! I am so thankful and appreciate all of your support! Thank you Thank youuuu

017-661 7882 for any queries :)


February 6, 2018

Kuih Talam Ija from Seremban with loveee

Aswt and hi semuaa..

Untuk menempah pelbagai jenis kuih talam, nona manis atau pon apam solo, boleh la ye hubungi saya di nombor ni- 017 6617882 untuk sebarang pertanyaan..

January 8, 2018

Kuih Talam Seremban

Jom makan kuih talam ija, insyaAllah dibuat penuh kasih sayang dan ketenangan. lolss

Kalau tak tenang, kuih pon bole rasa okeh aura tuu, hehehe..Jom! cuci mataa. Oh if ada sesiapa nak order, roger ija kat whatsapp number 017-6617882. Take care all :)

December 16, 2017

Keep Luggage Service or Khidmat Simpan Beg in Kuala Lumpur

Aswt and Good Day all..

Do you know that there is this luggage service centre in Terminal Pudu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur?

This luggage service has operated for more that 29 years! and it caters from the smallest bag starting at RM3 per bag per day. Yassss! Per day I tell you. Cheap woo. Also, we have had long term customers, travellers, back packers who conveniently keep their items and belongings in this luggage service centre for a certain period of time. There's always a staff manning the desk, so no worries about the safekeeping. Opening hours is 8am-8pm. And of course there are terms and conditions to go with it for the luggage services.

And for your information, Terminal Pudu Sentral hosts a UTC centre ( cluster of government offices put together under the same roof) and few ticketing counters to short destinations such as Genting Highlands and to Seremban town. And, this Terminal is strategically adjacent to LRT station ( Plaza Rakyat ) and within walking distance to the famous Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street and other city attractions.

Make sure you head up to Akijaya Enterprise, the green boxed shop, located at Ground Floor, the same floor and just opposite of the SSM office. Please, do not hesitate to contact 017-661 7882 or email: ijaramly@hotmail.com for any enquiries.

Keep your luggages here and keep calm! :)

Post Turki Trip Part 2- Spain

Alhamdulillah, post Turki, kitorang menjelajah ke Spain pula. From Sabiha Gocken Airport, then we flew out to Barcelona. Barcelona is a cultural city, since kitorang ni jalan tak pakai agent and everything was like DIY, so the itinerary mostly ikot mana dan pegi and mana suka nak gi..

Hence we decided to go stay in Plaza Catalunya. Such a busy piazza, our airport bus departed and arrived at this plaza. Jadi senang la nak gerak ke mana2..even to the famous La Ramblas pon senang, jalan kaki je dari situ. Nak makan? Not an issue since a halal kebab outlet is just doorsteps away. So lepas check in at the sort off backpacker accommodation but very classic and clean i tell you, we agreed to take metro to the famous Barca Stadium.

Dah jenjalan, dah lelepaks then back to our tiny room but yet cosy and very spanish lols. Excited to catch a flight tomorrow to Malaga to meet up with husband's cousin that'd just moved down to Spain from Manchester. Later!

Pelbagai talam seremban

Aswt and hi semuaa..

Jika ada apa-apa pertanyaan tentang kuih talam, can always buzz me at 017-661 7882 ye..

Sori tau if terlewat balas but insyaAllah will get back to you wonderful people in that particular day itself..

Nahhh few pics talam, enjoy looking :))

September 12, 2017

Turki Trip 2016 Part 1.

hahahaa, gila lagging. The trip to Turki was completed earlier in 2016, now only laa baru ingat or lebih tepat dapat curik sedikit masa nak share some tips where deemed applicable during the trip.

Seriously, we spent like 9 days in Turki and yet rasa tak puas and looking forward to return back to that historical and cultural-rich country whenever Allah permits.

Actually me n husband were in Turki because of my sister in law and few of her friends were supposed to attend a conference for their doctorate PhD. And there we were, gleefully tagged along with some holiday plans in mind. Twas last minute though, but that last minute sangat sangat berbaloi alhamdulillah..

It was quite a huge group, 2 couples, and 4 singletons ( satu single kira sebab husband dia tak follow, heheh) so total up to 8 pax. Jadi nak buat apa2, rent or draft any activity, must put these 8 pax in mind to ensure suma goes smooth. To be with these 8 crackheads, sporting and adventurous people was just super awesome. Penting tau nak dapat travel buddy yang sehaluan, baru holiday tu extra happening :) In my case, yes we were blessed!

Overall, we covered Istanbul-Bursa-Konya ( bus je yang brenti hehe )- Kapadokya aka Cappadoccia- Selcuk- Pamukkale

Tapi myself and husband terpaksa skip Pamukk sebab kena gerak gi Airport Sabiha Gocken at Asia continent side untuk next flight, so it leaves me salivating over numerous beautiful pictures from them..sedihhhh urghhhh.

Well, i tell you aa, Istanbul sendiri kalau nak aman2 jalan pon mau makan 2-3 hari, nak naik cruise la, nak admire museums la, nak makan street food la..nak itu ini la, benti ambil gambar je dah sekian waktu, ahaksss

Ohh, we round round pakai public transport and mostly DIY, except that we did get assistance on few things like purchase ferry tix, contact persons dari Jejak Uthmaniyyah yang based di Turki, corresponding Mr Syed Ishak and team dia Encik Syed...recommended!

Layan few pictures duluuu...Ohh I miss Turki, the cold snowy Turki :)